Become a Birthing4Blokes Affiliate

Birthing4Blokes is all about 'What men can do to prepare for birth'. 

Our key product, The Birthing4Blokes Online Course, is a course that is designed to make peoples life better and easier in one of the most important periods of their lives: from Pregnancy to Birth.

So go ahead, join our affiliate program and start promoting Birthing4Blokes and make some extra revenue while you do it. 

What kind of commission are you eligible for? 

  • The commission rate is 25% for affiliates who don't own the Birthing4Blokes Online Course
  • The commission rate is 30% for affiliates who own the Birthing4Blokes Online Course

Why Join the Birthing4Blokes Affiliate Program?

  • Generous commissions (and we are  planning to make them even better)
  • 60 Day Return Tracking
  • Monthly Payments
  • It's free to join
  • Our products will be tweaked and updated a lot. New content is always only a few months away, You can be confident that you refer customers to something that delivers more and more value over time.
  • We provide tools that are created to convert. Like logo's, banners, pitches and video's (most of this still has to be developed yet, as we are just starting with our Affiliate Membership.)

Want to know more?

Read more in-depth info about how the affiliate program works, our terms and conditions. In short, your questions will be answered here: How does the affiliate program work?