Credits for the Birthing4Blokes Online Course go to........

Our Birthing4Blokes Online Course has been tested by over a 100 people before we decided to open it up to the public. We've had the honour to work with both a group of fathers-to-be and also a substantial group of experienced birth workers. 

We want to say a heartfelt Thank You to the fathers-to-be that trusted us in this so important period of their lives. Also to the midwifes plus the other birth professionals that gave us access to their wealth of field experience, knowledge and who also provided the crucial financial investment that we needed to start up.

As a small gesture of gratitude we publish their names and websites on this page.



Aileen White

Alison White

Amanda Wardle

Anna Martin

Bev & Jamie Samways

Cathryn Dorling

Deborah Loza

Elizabeth Bain

Emma Gleave

Emma Whitehouse

Mini Moments (UK) 

Gill Hoult

BabyMoon (UK)

Helen Discombe

Hilary MacLeod


Jacqueline Grimsley

Jane Wallington

Janine King

Jayne Hume

Johanna Taylor Grant

Joy Cassidy

Jude Sutton

Karina Luz Moore

Karina Antenatal Teacher (UK)

Kati Edwards

Katie Fox

Katie Hill

Katie Whitehouse

Katrina Berry

Kelly Wild

Lexi Madge

Louise Morrison

Lucy Edgehill

Lynn Ratcliffe

Vale Antental (UK)

Marie Molloy

Michael Hall


Michele Misgalla

Nancy Keen

Nicky Wooderson

Ron Hastie

Hobart Beer and Bubs (Australia)

Sabrina Gant

Samantha Selby

Sara Tomkinson

Sarah Brent

Sarah Curtis

Student Midwife (UK)

Sarah-Jane Holton

Intuitive Birth (New Zealand)

Sheena Roberts

Authentic Embrace (New Zealand)

Shirley Stump

Susie Wilsher

Suzy Ashworth

Val Watson

Vicky Barbour-Andrews

Yvonne Hopkinson