How to handle stress in pregnancy?

It’s hard to deny that pregnancy can be a stressful time for your partner and for yourself. Finding ways to manage your own stress and to support your partner with creating and maintaining as stress free an environment as is possible, are good goals for us men.

My good friend Donavan Jones, a midwife and academic from Australia, has chosen to focus his PhD study in the area of men preparing for the birth of their baby with as little unnecessary stress as is possible. What he is studying may surprise you.

Donavon says, ‘Our response to the stress we are feeling will have an effect on the woman we love as she prepares for the birth of the baby”, he goes on to say, ’the environment that the baby is developing within will be having an effect on the hormones that she/he is producing and this may effect the her/him in later life’.

So, what can we do in the face of this major change in our life that we are living through?

Donavon says, practice ‘mindfulness’, and he should know, his PhD study of the subject is nearing it’s conclusion. In the video that comes with this blog he outlines the benefits of the practice as well introducing the simple principles to follow as you put his suggestions into practice.

Donovan offers you the opportunity to follow a six week mindfulness program designed for men whose partners are pregnant, you can find it at and its free.

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