NLP for Birth Workers Introduction Course

Believe Nothing, Test Everything

Mark Harris Midwife

What is NLP?

The letters stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Don't be put off by that, in a nut shell it is a powerful model of communication.

Why should birth workers master it?

Because becoming skilled in using the NLP model, in your personal life and in the work you do serving pregnant couples, will enhance your life and theirs.

How do I know?

I've spent 20 years plus applying it to my work as a midwife and my relationships with my intimate partner, children and grandchildren.

The program is being developed constantly and
ongoing access to the expanding content is assured.

This online introduction to NLP for Birth Workers includes right now :

  • 2 videos explaining the fundamentals of NLP
  • 1 video recording of a Live Webinar where some basic NLP strategies are presented and tested.
  • 11 video's explaining the NLP presuppositions (principles) 
  • A 200 plus page introduction to NLP book.
  • An Exercise book that comes with the handbook.​
  • ​One hour (unedited) audio recording of an interview between Mark and Chris Evans.

And soon to be added:

  • Video's that explain practical strategies that Birth Workers can use in their day to day work.

To top it all: 

The offer of a personal conversation with Mark about applying what you are learning to your life and work is extended to you when you purchase it.

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