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Get to know more about Mark, the creator and facilitator of the Course, midwife of 20 years experience and writer of the award winning book Men, Love & Birth

James Brackenbury

The confidence to understand her needs and calls for help!

My main worries were: "Could I be the person my partner needed when she needs it?" and "How will I cope with her changing moods?". I didn't understand the changes she was feeling both physically and mentally. How was I going to cope with the run up to labour and the birthing process?

The Online Course actually gave me an insight into how women think and how my actions can help stimulate oxytocin and the positive effects of doing that.

Working through the program gave me the confidence to understand her needs more fully and the ability to hear what were calls for help when she felt alone. I became more able to help her know that I was going to be the person she needed when it came to the labour and birth of our baby.

I realised that I could be an incredibly positive influence in supporting her, as she went into the natural state she felt she need to be in for giving birth. She seemed to grow in faith and trust that she was in a safe place and that her needs were being met.

My belief and self confidence have gone through the roof.

Marks program and book is helping our ongoing relationship as well, I now have a better understanding regarding the 'natural dance' of relationships. It is helping me to be a better partner and father. Learning these things is still impacting our relationship, she seems more secure and often says she feels loved and valued by me, the growing bond with our baby is being deeply benefited.

I have really valued the program and will promote it amongst my friends both female and male.

Thanks Mark, you're a hero!

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