How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

First you need to register as an Affiliate Member (Become one right away!

Once you are an Affiliate Member, you get access to the Affiliate Cockpit and there you will find your unique Affiliate Links.

These links can be used in many places, like in your e-mails, social media outlets or on your website.

The affiliate software that we use will keep track of visitors that come to our site via your affiliate links.

A sale will be added to your affiliate account when a visitor that comes through one of your links completes the payment process, 

You get a commission for each sale minus tax. The tax rate varies, depending on where the customer comes from. The default commission rate for affiliates is 25%, but this percentage may be higher for some lucky affiliates ;)​

Example: The Online Course costs 97 GBP and let's say the tax amount for customer John Doe is 7 GBP.  You will get commission over the 90 GBP that is left.

With a commission rate of 15% you will get a 13,50 GBP commission for John Doe.

The affiliate software that we use is able to keep track of visitors that come through your link for a few weeks. That means that when a visitor comes through your link, but they leave without spending money, the link between your account and the visitor will be stored on their device. When they return a few days later by going to our site directly and do the purchase the sale will still be added to your account, 

As an affiliate you will be added to a special Affiliates e-mail list. We will only send relevant and helpful e-mails that will support you and help increase sales. No worries, we will send no spam. 


We pay the commissions once per month and only when you have made £ 25 or more. This should be easily achievable given our commission rate and the price of the product(s) 😉

Payments to affiliates are done through PayPal. Our affiliates will be charged with the transfer fee that PayPal charges for each commercial transaction. Currently the PayPal transaction fee is 20p + 3,4% for the UK. (12-29-2016)

Example: The John Doe from the previous example has done remarkably well and brought 10 customers to us in a month time, thus made 135 GBP for himself.

The amount John will get on his PayPal account that month = 135 GBP minus the tranfser fee = (135 * 0.966)-0.20 = 130.21 GBP

The Affiliate Cockpit

After you have registered you will get access to the Affiliate Cockpit. You find new buttons that bring you there on your Dashboard.

In the Affiliate Cockpit you will find your affiliate links and statistics. You see how many people clicked the link and how many converted to a sale.

Under the Tab 'Links and Banners' ​you will find links to specific product and landing pages once we are fully up and running.

The default link will bring customers directly to the home page of the site where we currently pitch and offer the program.

Any questions left?

Feel free to contact us any time when you have any questions or when you would like some guidance.

We also love to hear your feedback and suggestions as we are continuously working on our products and website to provide a better customer experience and create more value.

** Affiliate Program Disclaimer:

  • ​There are a few instances where a sale won't be linked to your affiliate account, despite that customer came through your link initially. This has to do with the way affiliate software stores the connection between the visitor and your affiliate account.
    • The connection between the visitor and your affiliate account is stored in so called cookies and they are stored the device of the visitor. When somebody clears his or her internet history this often means that most or all cookies will be removed. So if he or she re-visits our website a couple of days later through other means than you Affiliate Link, (like Google for example) and decides to purchase a product, the software can't find the link between the affiliate and the visitor on the visitors device, which means this sale will not be added to your account and you will not get commission over it.
    • The same will happen with visitors that block off all cookies by default. The software won't be able to store the relation between the visitor and your affiliate account on the device of the visitor, so the sale won't be added to your account.
    • When the visitor revisits our website through a different device and doesn't use your affiliate link to do so. 
  • When a paying customer that came through your link asks for a refund within 14 days after the purchase, your commission will be corrected as well.